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Now that you’re here, let’s make a pact.  Because of their highly sensitive nature, the photos and stories you’re about to see are FYEO (“For Your Eyes Only” in government-speak).  I haven’t told anyone that I’ve unlocked my mental vault to release what has been up to now my secret past time of conjuring a narrative that explains the images I’ve taken on trips and in my neighborhood.  I’m uncomfortable doing this but I know it needs to happen so that in my final hours I won’t have any regrets.  From now on, just promise me that everything is just between us.  Okay?

My first thought was to call this site “Pictures and Stories.”  That’s because every time I take a picture I automatically think of all the stories that could go with it and vice versa.  That name sounded too much like a nice library activity for a three-year-old, not a serious endeavor.  Hence, “Karen Hirtzel Photography.”

You will see galleries which are like chapters in a book called, “What Interests Me”.  I’ve also included a separate section, “Side Notes”, which are little asides to tell you more about some of the things I took note of while working on the galleries.  I plan to add a new gallery every month please check back with me.  And don’t forget…mum’s the word.

(As yet, this site does not include a transactional feature.  If you’re interested in purchasing a photo please contact me at

side notes

Kalakaua Avenue

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For many, Waikiki Beach and Kalakaua Avenue, its main thoroughfare, are too tacky-touristy to take seriously. But walk along the 1.3 mile stretch that abuts one of the world’s most...

Ode to Orange

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Beloved by Frank Sinatra, Hermes, and the Cincinnati Bengals, orange says “Look at me!” but not in the obvious, “I’m ready to Party” way that red does.  Orange, the original...